Experience nature in Tokyo! SATOYAMA

Satoyama, the natural environments between Japan's mountain foothills and arable land, were once nurtured by farmers and foresters. To protect these unique, human-influenced environments, which are home to diverse living creatures, we must pass on their care to the next generation.

The circle of people joining this movement is gradually expanding. Why not experience the joy of nurturing nature by joining Satoyama activities in Tokyo sponsored by The Information Center for Natural Greenery Conservation. We aim to protect the abundant Satoyama in Tokyo and make them more accessible by connecting them with nature lovers like you.


In Tokyo, there are many nostalgic landscapes once nurtured by farmers and foresters that were passed on from generation to generation. We affectionately call these sanctuaries of flora and fauna Satoyama. There are various kinds of Satoyama in mountainous, hilly and upland areas.

Mountainous Satoyama

The mountainous Tama district of Tokyo features woodlands that absorb rainfall and control the flow of water to streams and rivers, making them vital to forestry efforts. Woodland conservation protects habitats for birds of prey, large mammals such as antelopes, and various wildlife that support these species.

Hilly Satoyama

Fields and rice paddies interface with woodlands in the beautiful hills surrounding Yato (small valleys formed by spring water erosion of hills and terraces). These natural, hilly habitats are classic Satoyama.

Upland Satoyama

Brushwood and woodland border many irrigation canals in Tama. These treasured natural environments serve as reminders of the close connection that locals once had with nature and agriculture.


We help protect Satoyama and support biodiversity through wide-ranging activities, including the cutting back of thick growth, the planting and harvesting of rice in neighboring paddies, nature observations that deepen understanding and various craft workshops.

Maintaining forests

Clearing trees

We selectively clear trees to give nature a hand. When the trees grow too thick in abandoned woods, they prevent sunlight from reaching the ground and create dark, unhealthy environments. Selective clearing lets in the light to create bright, friendly environments where plants and creatures can thrive.

Clearing bamboo

For centuries, bamboo trees were the most typical Satoyama vegetation and were used to create farming tools and household utensils. When uncared for, fast-growing bamboo Satoyama become dense thickets unfriendly to wildlife. So periodic clearing is necessary to maintain biodiversity. Fortunately, bamboo trees are easily cut down with a saw.

Clearing undergrowth

Clearing away undergrowth is the main activity of forest management because it simplifies forest care and fosters biodiversity. Seasonal flowers blooming in clearings are a common sight in Satoyama that are well taken care of.

Rice paddy activities

Paddy plowing (Taokoshi/Shirokaki)

Dry paddies are first plowed in a process called Taokoshi that aerates the soil, mixes in fertilizer and prevents weeds from growing. The paddy is then flooded with water, in a step called Shirokaki, to flatten the ground, support even rice growth and form a solid bottom that helps prevent later drainage.

Planting rice

Participants stand side by side in this signature early summer event while planting rice seedlings in the paddy and loudly voicing encouragement. Come join us with your family and friends in this joyous experience.


Weeds growing in the paddies, and in the paths between paddies, must be removed to leave more nourishment for the rice. Weeding also stimulates the plant roots and boosts rice growth!

Harvesting and drying rice (Hazakake)

Rice fields waving in the wind are a classic autumn scene. Come and enjoy the sight as you help us harvest rice with a sickle and place it on Haza (long racks) to dry in the sun. Then stand back and enjoy your beautiful handiwork.

Nature observation

Nature observation

Through on-site observation, we introduce you to various Satoyama that can be enjoyed in different ways. Sharing the depth of meaning behind Satoyama is one of our important activities.

Craft workshop

Craft workshop

At this workshop, you'll craft items using materials from Satoyama such as wood and bamboo. The seasonal items include objects useful for daily life, traditional toys, musical instruments, and specimens that inspire curiosity about nature.


35.759247,139.498258,hill,Nobidome Yosui Historical Environmental Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443497973_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=162 35.737917,139.373139,tableland,Kaido Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443498133_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=163 35.688056,139.424750,tableland,Yagawa Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443498303_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=164 35.769917,139.512750,tableland,Kiyose, matsuyama Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443498468_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=165 35.742441,139.516990,tableland,minami-machi Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1471594818_file.JPG,./map/detail?cId=166 35.752259,139.526389,tableland,Minamisawa Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1471595069_file.JPG,./map/detail?cId=223 35.700109,139.468403,tableland,Kokubunjisugataminoike Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1499648908_file.JPG,./map/detail?cId=224 35.678730,139.437134,hill,Yahonojoyama Historical Environmental Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1528433247_file.JPG,./map/detail?cId=227 35.580197,139.439792,hill,Nanakuniyama Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443499108_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=167 35.665750,139.385833,tableland,Higashitoyoda Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443499263_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=168 35.596619,139.431944,hill,Zushi, onoji Historical Environmental Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443499381_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=170 35.670258,139.349828,hill,Hachioji, Oya Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443499700_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=172 35.683417,139.361417,hill,Hachioji, Ishikawa-cho Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1470635169_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=173 35.626728,139.296922,hill,Hachioji, Tate-machi Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443500292_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=174 35.708983,139.282800,hill,Hachioji, Tobukikita Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443500593_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=175 35.684047,139.380817,tableland,Hino, Tokoji Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443501039_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=177 35.644436,139.440447,hill,Tama, Higashiteragata Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443501497_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=178 35.675406,139.333281,hill,Hachioji, Akatsuki-cho Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443501608_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=179 35.683753,139.338381,hill,Hachioji, Takiyama Satoyama Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443501748_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=180 35.668139,139.278639,hill,Takaonomori Nature School,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443501898_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=181 35.687253,139.349747,hill,utsugi Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1461809144_file.JPG,./map/detail?cId=220 35.652784,139.281902,hill,Hachiojinagahusa Green Tracts Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1505871906_file.JPG,./map/detail?cId=226 35.795789,139.274028,hill,Katsunuma Jyoshi Historical Environmental Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1444037822_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=182 35.831503,139.181264,mountain,Ome, Kaminariki Forest Environmental Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443502414_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=184 35.735056,139.242583,hill,Yokosawairi Satoyama Conservation Area,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443502528_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=185 35.811222,139.094472,mountain,The Tama River Water Resources Forest Team,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443502625_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=186 35.745583,139.257722,mountain,Tokyo Forestry Support,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1505873633_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=187 35.787694,139.076917,mountain,Okutama, Tomin-no-mori Forest of Citizen,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443502880_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=188 35.740000,139.029139,mountain,Hinohara, Tomin-no-mori Forest of Citizen,https://tokyo-satoyama.jp/product/upload/1443503322_file.jpg,./map/detail?cId=191